Portugali kunstinädal – Azulejos

britta maria 7th grade

Britta Maria, 7.klass

meeri-ann 8th grade

Meeri-Ann, 8. klass

triinu 7h grade

Triinu, 7. klas

triinu erik 7h grade

Triinu, 7. klass

saron 8th grade

Saron, 8. klass

reijo 7th grade

Reijo, 7. klass

oskar 8th grade

Oskar, 8. klass


Mario, 7. klass

margarita 7th grade

Margarita, 7. klass

grete liis 7th grade

Grete Liis, 7. klass

greete johanna 8th grade

Greete Johanna, 8. klass

elisabeth 7th grade

Elisabeth, 7. klass


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